Hello There!

My name is Faranoosh or Fara as my colleagues and friends call me.

As you might have guessed, I like technology and more specifically Information Technology. As I enjoy building, configuring and troubleshooting PCs, Operating Systems and Networks more, I fit into the Operations branch of IT. I also like automation and scripting but not so much to convert to DevOps!

I am fairly new in IT, just a few months shy of 2 years in an Operations team. Which is the first real IT experience for me. But I had started my journey as an IT enthusiast well before this.

My experience before IT, by trade and education is (and I really should say WAS) in electronics. And I worked in very different roles too; from test and repair of industrial power supplies, to building parts of movie projectors, then onto setting up and performing RF tests on satellite components in vacuum chambers (this one was really interesting so I’ll post a pic below), to servicing elevator display and communication systems and couple of more jobs that are really not worth mentioning.


So why switch to IT? I always had a passion, building PCs, installing OS, backup and recovery for myself, family and friends. But when I moved down to Australia and found myself an electronic servicing job … Oh wait, did I mention that I am Canadian?! … I was exposed to building and repairing PCs, installing OS and creating networks as part of my job and in a larger scale. That coupled with personal love for IT, made me realize I’d be happier in an IT role.

Here I am, blogging about my journey as an IT noob and enthusiast. And this site is to share that experience in a way that any one from any background, if interested, can follow.

Did you think there was no real reason for choosing ‘ITNOOBS’?!

Feel free to contact me (links in footer) with suggestions, corrections or even compliments.