Hi There!

My name is Faranoosh and I’ve been officially in the IT field for 2.5 years now. However my journey in IT, began well before that. I always had an interest in building PCs and troubleshooting issues. Back in high school I was introduced to Linux by one of our robotics teachers and always had a few distros installed (multi-boot) to tinker with.

Unlike many in IT, my education or the bulk of my professional background is not from an IT or computer science field. I studied a few Mechanical Engineering courses and then switched to complete an Electronics Technician diploma.

One of the most interesting jobs I’ve ever had in my life, was to set up and test satellite components. Besides the amazing nature of the work where you would plan and set up coax or waveguide runs in a vacuum chamber for quite a number of different components, every project basically had a bit of network configuration.

These RF tests, required RF power injection and ramp up controlled by software, and you’d have to create an electronic network from the amplifiers to the function generators and then an IP network to talk to the control software.

So why and how did I switch to IT?

After coming down to live in Australia, my first electronics job involved some network and computer setup. I even implemented a networked CloneZilla imaging solution to avoid deploying Intel Nuc machines manually.

I also realized that IT related work actually brought along the excitement and motivation I used to experience as an RF Test Specialist! And from there it kind of took off; I built my first home server, started learning about virtualization and hypervisors, created a website to document my work and used it to show my interest and knowledge. That website and what I had learned, eventually helped me to land my first IT job.

Fast forward to 2019: I now focus more on system administration tasks and have worked on a few projects to implement and maintain various solutions for the business.

I have also been adding and expanding my home lab and these days I basically have a second job maintaining and improving it after I get home from my actual IT job!

I hope my journey motivates others to pursue their interest (in any field) regardless of their educational background or professional experience.

I also have to admit that landing your first IT job is still difficult, and I was lucky to get noticed. Unfortunately employers these days look for meaningless certifications or expect years of experience for an entry level position. My personal advice, if you’re after an IT job, is to spend your time and money on a home lab and find a way to show your work and experience.

Good luck!